Thursday, October 2, 2008


Teem Drive has been sporting a sharrows lane (south side of the street, in the parking lane, serving east bound bikers) most of the summer. However, earlier this week the city painted another set of sharrows in the middle of the westbound traffic lane, not the parking lane. I am not quite sure what the new sharrows are intended to point out but it looks like Teem Drive is the most bike friendly street in town!


mytzpyk said...

Thanks for the news on Teem Drive. The Wife and I checked them out this morning. It's nice to have some bike facility balance on that street. The one sided bike lane never made sense to me.

There are lots of other bike facilities out there now...

Dakota and Main Ave downtown have sharrows between 12th? and 6th Steets.

32nd Street between Marion and Sertoma have shared bike/car parking, and so does much of Bahnson on the east side.

41st east from Southeasten has full and proper bike lanes out to Harmoden Park.

22nd Street has sharrows west of Minnesota Ave...I'm not sure where those end.

How about them apples!

DIRK said...

The 22nd street sharrows go between Phillips Ave. and where 22nd St. ends at the country club.
Block after block with the sharrow markings!
I have used this as my main route across town all summer.